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Ben Nevis Class

Hi Ben Nevis Class,



I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything new or different this weekend? I have just started a new puzzle and I am trying to grow a mint plant on my window cill. I'm not very good at growing plants so wish me luck!


After working on counting in 2s and 5s, I know lots of you have started working on times tables. Here are some links to different activities and apps that might help you practise:

Mathtermind app (99p)


Please email me if you need anything, want to send work or even just want to let me know how you are getting on!

My email address is 

Sending lots of positive thoughts to all of you!

Best wishes,

Ms Holdaway  :) 

Weekly Spellings

Every week I will put up 5 red words for you to practise. Remember, you can’t use your sounds for these words. The best way to learn them is to practise writing them out or by saying them out loud. Then test yourself and try to use them in a sentence.

This week your red words are:






Can you spot them in a book or around your home?


This week I would like you to have a go at some different 2D and 3D shape activities. 

First, have a go at these online activities.

BBC Bitesize 2D and 3D shapes

Shape patterns game

Square problem solving

Shapes problem solving

Triangle problem solving challenge

Next, see if you can find any examples of the shapes around your house e.g 

a clock = a circle. Either make a list or take photos to prove you have found them!


Finally, if you have papers and scissors, why not have a go at cutting out one of the 2D shapes (about 10 times) and seeing if you can make tessellation patterns like these ones. If you do not have scissors then have a go at drawing it with a ruler or something you can use to create a straight lane (an oyster card for example).

Tessellate means to create a pattern using the same shape without leaving any gaps.




Can you have a go at doing it with different shapes?




Our topic this term is 'Light Up The World'. 

Please find attached the WhISK sheet for this topic. 


Topic Vocabulary

Every week I will add new words for you to learn. These words are really important for our topic. 

This week your words are:

Every week I will add new words for you to learn. These words are really important for our topic. 

This week your words are:

solar - of, having to do with, or coming from the sun


sustainable - to keep (something) going or existing

Topic Challenge

As we have learnt during this topic, the sun is very important to us as it provides our earth with energy and lots of other things! Can you write a list of things the sun does for us and our earth?

The sun can also help us tell the time! The position of the sun in the sky helps us know what time of day it is. Before we had clocks, people used sun dials to help tell the time. They look a bit like clocks and they use shadows to show what time of day it is!

Here are some pictures and a video to explain:

Sundial facts

Following the sun video


Make your own sundial  


Can you have a go at making your own sun dial?

You can use the materials in the video or if you do not have them, you can try something else that is similar e.g blu tack instead of playdough, a pencil instead of a straw or a cut out circle of paper or card instead of a paper plate.