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Hi Blythe!

Please click on the links inside the timetable to access the learning activities for each day which you can access if you are not in school!

Read with a member of your family each day. You can read the books in your book bag or some of your favourites that you have at home.


Please share your work by sending it to 


I look forward to hearing about your learning. 

Have fun!

Miss Fernando 

Blythe Timetable

Math Phonics English Foundation
Monday Recognise and describe patterns by colour Break Sound 'j' Break Stories have problems


'Me and My Family'

Tuesday Create and describe colour and size patterns Break Sound 'v' Break Sing and Map the story


A problem shared is a problem halved

Wednesday Create colour or size patterns Break Sound 'y' Break Step the story


Fire Burns

Thursday Copy colour and size patterns Break Sound 'w' Break Mime Billy Goats Gruff

Understanding the World


Friday Consolidate patterns and numbers Break Sound 'z' Break Tell the Story Experiment Mixing Colours


Class Letter 

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