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Dimensions - A Thematic Approach

At Sir Francis Drake, we teach using a thematic approach, which brings learning to life through exciting, child friendly topics using the Dimensions Primary Curriculum; Learning Means the World. In this way we fulfil the National Curriculum requirements while going beyond this to deliver a global curriculum fully customised and personalised to our school. Click here for the themes for each term by year group. 

Topics are designed to meet National Curriculum coverage for the arts and foundation subjects, with practical ideas to develop and apply English and mathematical skills in the context of fun and dynamic cross-curricular lessons.

Written with world issues in mind the curriculum is centered around 4Cs:-

  • Communication
  • Conflict
  • Conservation
  • Culture

Our pupils are thoroughly engaged as they tackle challenging and inspiring topics and issues. Matching clearly with the curriculum intent of our school to develop resilience, better communication and life skills within real-life contexts, the implementation of ‘Learning Means the World’ is transforming learning at Sir Francis Drake. Through the use of the Dimensions Curriculum we ensure knowledge is specific, as well as progressive.

Key vocabulary and terminology that are vital for developing learning and increased depth of understanding are embedded within the curriculum. Children that know, understand and can apply this language across their learning are more able to use a variety of thinking skills and processes, such as collecting and interpreting data, spotting inference and seeking explanations.