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Everest Class

Hello Everest Class!

I hope you are all well and are keeping safe still. I've been really busy this week guys. I'm so happy and proud of all of you who are accessing the work on the website and sending it to me. It makes me really happy to see that you are still working hard at home and staying on top of your assignments. It really says a lot about you.

This week is the last week before the next half term break. I can't believe it's been, essentially, a full term now since we've seen each other. Depending on what the government says in the next couple of weeks, we could be seeing each other again very soon. In the meantime, stay safe and keep working hard. 

Can any students that have not sent pictures and comments to Ms French for the Leavers Book please send them to  

Take care and look after yourselves.

Mr. Flood


If there are any pictures or photographs of your work you would like to send me please email them to I'd love to see what you've been up to.


Spelling list for this week: CLICK HERE!


Times Table to learn this week: On Times tables Rockstars can you please review your 11x tables 


You will be continuing with the topic of Conservation this week. You have spent the last few weeks looking at three main areas of conservation: Water, air and trees. What I would like you to do now is to think of solutions in how we could reduce/minimise the damage that we are doing to these three very valuable natural resources. So what you need to research for me is:

  • Reducing air pollution.
  • Reducing water pollution.
  • Minimising/controlling the amount of trees that get cut down.

To help you in your work and research, look at the video clips below:






Website about air pollution

Website about water conservation

Website about tree conservation


As well as typing up your information please include some relevant  pictures as well.