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 Covid-19 Update - 26th March 2020

I would love you all to remember to do something really important tonight at 8pm. We have lots of people risking their lives to help the sick people and trying very hard to test people quickly and find a vaccine. They work in the National Heath Service (NHS) and they are our absolute superheroes! Tonight, at exactly 8pm we are all going to clap as loudly as we possibly can to say thank, see here for more details I hope they can hear us! Clap from your garden, your front door, a window or a balcony, but clap as LOUDLY as you can!

Parents, remember it is okay to go for a walk with your child to get some fresh air as long as you strictly observe the social distancing rules. Watch this video to see what that means 

It does lift your spirits to walk in the sunshine for a bit, but remember, no playgrounds or play equipment and no meeting up with friends, just a walk! 

Here is the link to the remote learning resources and packs we have provided and here is a link to a proposed timetable that might be good to help get yourselves into a routine! Learn at home timetable You can adapt it if you need to.  

Keep well, stay safe and look after each other.