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Life at Sir Francis Drake Primary School Life at Sir Francis Drake Primary School Life at Sir Francis Drake Primary School Life at Sir Francis Drake Primary School Life at Sir Francis Drake Primary School Life at Sir Francis Drake Primary School Life at Sir Francis Drake Primary School Life at Sir Francis Drake Primary School Life at Sir Francis Drake Primary School Life at Sir Francis Drake Primary School

“Sir Francis Drake has ensured that all pupils achieve well in their learning and develop extremely well as individuals.”



World Book Day - 3rd March 2017 (31 images)

Children and Adults came into school dressed as one of their favourite book characters...great fun!

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Rebuild progress pictures - January 2016 (5 images)

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Winter Fayre - December 2016 (13 images)

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Art Work - December 2016 (18 images)

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New build progress Dec 16 (2 images)

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Rebuild - May Progress Pictures (9 images)

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Road Safety Seminar (36 images)

Our Junior Travel Ambassadors have been invited to the road safety seminar at the Oval in October 2013 and October 2014. They collected the silver STAR award, on both occassions, presented to Sir Francis Drake for all of the hard work the school has done to raise awareness around staying safe on and around the roads. They met JTAs from other schools around South East London and shared ideas to come up with plans for future road safety activities. This year we hope to get gold...great work JTAs!

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Party time! (65 images)

Thursday 18th December saw our end of term parties...everyone had a great time, plenty of nibbles and a great festive atmosphere! Wishing you all a very safe and happy holiday from everyone at Sir Francis Drake!

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The very hopeless camel (19 images)

This year the infants performance of the Christmas story was called 'The very hopeless camel', she led the kings and shepherds to all the wrong places! Big thank you to all of the children, staff and families that made it all possible!

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Cinderella and Rockerfella (83 images)

On Monday 15th September children in the Juniors performed Cinderella and Rockerfella a parody of the traditional fairy tale, Cinderella. They were amazing, they performed for the Infant children in the morning and then again for friends and family in the evening...and they still managed to get up for school the next day, that's dedication for you! Well done to all the children, staff and families that made it all possible!

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Sports day 2014 (128 images)

The Juniors competed in the morning and the Infants competed in the was a very hot day but everyone survived and a good time was had by all!

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Le Tour de France (60 images)

The Tour de France came to Sir Francis Drake early....children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 cycled around places of interest in France on Thursday afternoon. Of course they needed to have their passports stamped by our passport controllers as they visited and left each place, which all ran very smoothly thanks to the help of children in Years 5 and 6. They stopped for refreshments in the pit stop after their tour having enjoyed their visit to France for the afternoon! Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.

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Arethusa June 2014 (288 images)

Year 6 had a great time at Arethusa this year.

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Arethusa June 2013 (320 images)

Year 6 trip to Arethusa

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We love bugs at Sir francis Drake! (9 images)

We have built a bug hotel in the Infants playground and have been watching out for the different bugs that are moving in. We have found lots of ladybirds, a few woodlice, some snails, ants and spiders. The bugs all seem very happy with their new home and we'll only charge them a small rent!

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Choir performing in Momo at the Greenwich theatre (4 images)

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Sir Steve Bullock Mayor of Lewisham visits Sir Francis Drake (10 images)

On Thursday 8th May, Sir Steve Bullock came to visit our school, this was in response to a letter that we had written inviting him to come and see our school and the fantastic work that we do. He gave a talk in our assembly about the proposed rebuild and answered any questions that we had. Pádraig gave the Mayor a tour of the school with Ms Barnes.

Created: 8 May 14 16:42 | Last modified: 9 May 14 12:59

The Insect Man (54 images)

The Insect Man visited Sir Francis Drake on Wednesday 2nd April, it's always great fun when he comes in with his 'friends'. This term it was the turn of years 5, 6 and Reception, they were treated to lizards, spiders, snails, cockroaches, snakes and a centipede! Lots of brave children held insects and reptiles for the very first time in Reception and enjoyed it as you can see from the photographs, all children and insects were very well behaved!

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Sports Relief Day (30 images)

On 21st March 2014, to raise money for sports relief, lots of children and staff dressed in sporty or red clothing and brought in a donation. There were other activities throughout the day too including goal scoring and cooking. Year 5 made healthy flapjacks and year 4 made rainbow couscous which were both sold after school to raise money. Everyone had fun and looked great...well done!

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Road Safety in reception (8 images)

Our Junior travel ambassadors worked with reception children in a session to teach them about staying safe on the roads. They gave a Presentation, showed some videos, played a game and gave them a picture to colour in. Well done Junior Travel ambassadors!

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Houses of Parliament (25 images)

In January 2013 and 2014 School Councillors visited the Houses of Parliament where they had a tour, interviewed Dame Joan Ruddock MP and sketched the Palace of Westminster.

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Fun, food and festivities...Christmas party 2013 (50 images)

Children at Sir Francis Drake enjoying the Christmas festivities!

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Junior and Infant performances December 2013 (38 images)

Children in the Juniors were amazing in their production of 'Hoodwinked', a version of the story of Robin Hood...the singing, dancing and acting was comparable to that of a West End production! The Infant children shone in their performance of 'The Little Red Robin', which was the story of the Nativity with a twist...again the singing, dancing and acting was absolutely fantastic. A big thank you must go out to all of the staff and parents that helped the children to put on such great performances. Well done Sir Francis Drake Children!

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MAD bikes assembly (26 images)

A company called MAD bikes came to perform in an assembly for us. They explained how we need to keep healthy and fit by eating the right foods and exercising. They also showed us that we should never give up, if we want to achieve something then we should keep trying until we get there!

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Election Fever! (15 images)

On September 16th Children from years 2 to 6 listened to election speeches and cast their votes for the candidate that they thought would make the best school councillor for their class....some tough decisions were made!

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Year 1 at Greenwich Ecology Park (41 images)

On Tuesday 8th October, Year 1 spent the day investigating and exploring in Greenwich Ecology Park. They held newts, looked for spiders, listened to birds singing and studied bugs! Tie that in with a lovely packed lunch and a play in the field it was a great day!

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Sir Francis Drake visits 1963... (40 images)

We celebrated our school's 50th birthday on 27th September. Class teachers used chalk boards to teach computers in 1963! We had a special assembly, Mr and Mrs Mouquet came to visit, they were teachers who taught here in 1963 when the school first opened, they shared some very interesting stories with us. At playtime children played hopscotch and used skipping ropes and chalk to make up their own playground games. After lunch the celebrations continued with snacks, drinks and jelly and ice-cream! We enjoyed 1963...

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Cooking at Sir Francis Drake (50 images)

Children love cooking and that can be anything from fruit kebabs to vegetable stir fry! We cook during school for special events and every week in our after school added regularly, so keep checking back!

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Junior Sports Day (75 images)

Years 3,4,5 and 6 braved the sunshine to compete in this years sports day events! We had an egg and spoon race, track race, bean bag throwing and a relay race which involved skipping, sack race,bouncing a tennis ball and balance....we also had a toddler race, relatives races and the staff ran an egg and spoon race....everyone did a great job, well done!

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Year 1 Creekside Trip Photos (28 images)

Created: 23 May 13 16:27 | Last modified: 23 May 13 16:33

Year 4 Trip to Billingsgate Fish Market (25 images)

Our year 4 children went on a trip to Billingsgate fish market.

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Year 1 Pictures (0 images)

Pictures of the year 1 class

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Year 6 bake for Red Nose Day! (8 images)

Children in Year 6 baked and decorated cupcakes to sell at our Red Nose Day Disco on 22nd March 2013. They received many compliments and were sold out quite early on!

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General Photos (7 images)

General Photos

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