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Hello Olympus Class.

Here are activities to keep you busy. Have fun learning.

Mrs Taher


Spag Reading  Maths Pe Theme
Mon  write a simple sentence using a verb.

Read for 15mins every day.

Make a list of words that you would like to clarify

Multiplication as Equal Groups 5 a day fitness exploringloring-4-beats-in-a-bar- music
Tues conjunctions to join ideas

Read for 15 minutes

How many adjectives can you find on a page?

Multiplications using the symbol Joe Wicks PE Stone Age
Wed Adjective detective Read for for 15 minutes. How would you describe your character?


Multiplication as arrays

Dance Break Rainbow echo line Art
Thurs Borrowing words Can you predict what will happen next in your story?

Re-cap 2 times tables



Dance Break French Greeting song
Fri how adjectives help Who is the author of your book? Have you read other books by the same author? solving-addition-and-subtraction-word-problem Yoga Stone age art



Hello Year 3!

Below is a table full of fun activities for you to do each day if you are not able to be in school. Please click on the links to see them. 

Make sure you read with someone at home everyday! You can read the books from school, books at home or even newspapers and magazines.

You can practice your 3 times tables'


Don't forget to practice your handwriting on a piece of paper. Remember to make sure you are sitting straight and holding your pencil correctly.

I can't wait to see you and hear about all the fabulous learning you've been doing!

See you soon!

Mrs Taher

Olympus Timetable.

Day of week 







Reading for Pleasure

 Multiplication as Equal Groups

Equal Groups


Joe Wicks PE Grammar suffix


conjunctions to join ideas



Multiplication using the Symbol



5 Minute Move Pulse and Meter


Spelling pre-fix mis and dis. Reading for Pleasure

 Multiplication Using Arrays.

Joe Wicks PE


Prefixes and Suffixes Facts and Opinions.

Re-cap 2 times table.


Dance Break! Art


Prefixes and Suffixes Reading for Pleasure.

 Solving addition and subtraction word problems.

Yoga Art