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Blythe- Wednesday


Follow this link to Oxford Owl and log in using these details:

Username: Blythe Class 

Password: Parents2020

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Read 'Rag the Rat'


Miss Cohen's, Emma's and Ms. Fullerton's groups

Well done everyone, you have now learned all of the sounds in set 1 and 2. You will now review and consolidate all the sounds!

Follow the link below to review the sound 'sh'. Listen to the word, sound it out and spell it!


Forest Phonics




Miss Fernando's group - 

We have finished learning all the sounds for Reception! Today we are going to practise blending and reading words in a sentence substitution activity. Read the sentence and then change some of the words to make a new sentence. Remember the sentence has to make sense. 

Follow this link to Sentence Substitution

Click on the Start button

Click on the sixth sentence 


Move the orange words to replace some of the red words to make a new sentence.


Today we are going to find out which numbers are odd and even. First, watch the video below.

Odd and Even numbers

To find out if a number is odd or even, we have to use our skill of sharing. If an amount can be shared equally into 2 groups that means the number is even. If the amount can' be shared into equal groups that means the number is odd. Look at the example below.


Now it's your turn to find out which numbers are odd and even!

First draw 2 circles for your 2 groups. Get some objects such as grapes, scrunched up paper or lego. Choose a number below and get that amount of grapes / scrunched up paper and share them between the 2 circles. Remember, when we are sharing we have to give each group 1 object at a time.


Is 2 an even or odd number?

Is 5 an even or odd number?

Is 8 an even or odd number?

Is 11 an even or odd number?

Is 12 an even or odd number?


Are the groups equal? Do they have the same amount? - That means its an even number!

Are the groups unequal? Does one group have more? Does one group have less? - That means its an odd number!


Special Task

 Last week we learned how to sign 'Baby Shark'. Today we are going to learn how to sign letters and animal names! Watch the video below and have a go :)

British Sign Language - Letters and Animal Names


Please send any photos you may have taken of your work to


Miss Fernando