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Fuji - Friday

 Year 4 - Entire Year Reflection

Today, the only work you need to do is complete this online survey all about Year 4. I would love you to answer the questions as honestly and positively as you can. You can click and type right into the boxes on this webpage, it is super easy. Make sure you press the Done button when you have finished.

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Year 4 Survey 



Goodbye Year 4 Fuji! 

For the very last time this school year, have a fantastic weekend everyone! And a safe and enjoyable break. As I said at the beginning of the week, this week was our last week of learning together. I have enjoyed every minute of being your Year 4 teacher and I will never forget the wonderful time I had teaching you this year. You all make me smile and laugh every day and we have had so much fun together. I know you will all be fantastic Year 5 students when you return to school in September and I know Miss Pritoula cannot wait to teach you all. She is amazing and you will love her!

Love Miss Hobbs :)