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English - Junior Shakespeare: Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare's most famous comedies. Here's a short summary, with a video below to help.

Twins Viola and Sebastian are separated in a shipwreck.

Viola thinks that Sebastian is dead, therefore she disguises herself to look like her brother and calls herself ‘Cesario’. She then takes a job with Duke Orsino.

She falls in love with the Duke but cannot do anything about it because of her disguise.

She also discovers that Duke Orsino has fallen in love with a woman called Olivia. Later, Olivia rejects the Duke because her brother recently died.

Duke Orsino sends Viola (aka Cesario) to Olivia to try and win her love. However, Olivia then falls in love with Viola because she mistakenly thinks that she is a handsome man (Cesario).

Meanwhile Olivia’s steward, Malvolio, is trying to keep order in her house but her uncle Sir Toby Belch and his friends have other ideas. They convince poor Malvolio that Olivia is in love with him and make him look extremely foolish. Olivia thinks her servant has gone mad.

Later, it turns out that Sebastian survived the shipwreck. He arrives on the island. When Olivia sees him, she naturally thinks that he is Cesario and promptly marries him (remember Viola’s disguise made her look like Sebastian).

Duke Orsino is furious when he finds out but, once Viola and Sebastian meet and reveal their true identities, there is a happy ending for everyone but poor Malvolio.

Watch this animation of Shakespeare’s famous play, Twelfth Night.



Activity 1



Imagine that Sebastian was first to make it to back to land, instead of Viola.

  • What do you think he would have done?

  • Would he have dressed as Viola?

Write your own short version of the story, where Sebastian works for Duke Orsino (instead of Viola).

Make sure there’s a happy ending!

Top tip!

Remember you can always go back and watch the Twelfth Night video again OR read the summary of the play if you need help.


Activity 2



Can you write a ‘tower’ version of the story?

  • There are three key rules:
  • The first line only has one word.
  • Each line has one more word than the line before.

You can use a maximum of ten lines to tell the story.

Here's one version to help you out, but be sure to write your own!

  • Line 1 - Crash! (one word).
  • Line 2 - A storm (two words).
  • Line 3 - Siblings become separated (three words).
  • Line 4 - Viola disguised as Cesario (four words).
  • Line 5 - Begins work for the Duke (five words).
  • Line 6 - Duke Orsino loves beautiful Lady Olivia (six words).
  • Line 7 - Yet Lady Olivia adores the handsome Cesario (seven words).
  • Line 8 - Oh what a terribly confusing puzzle to solve (eight words).
  • Line 9 - Until, a handsome stranger appears in the old town (nine words).
  • Line 10 - With looks similar to Cesario, but with the name Sebastian (ten words).



Geography - Trading and Economic Activity


Buying and selling goods like this is called trade.

Watch this short clip to find out more.

What is trade?

Buying and selling things is called trade.

Trade is an important way for countries to make money and has been happening across the world for hundreds of years.

Today, goods are carried around the world in container ships from port to port and by aeroplane.

Export and import

People in the UK can sell things they make when people in other countries want them. This might be because they can’t make them themselves or because they are cheaper or better quality.

Sending goods like this to other countries is called export.

There are also things, such as bananas or oranges, that are hard to grow in the UK and we have to buy these things from abroad.

This is called import.

Sometimes countries need experts from abroad such as engineers, scientists or teachers. These experts can sell their services to people around the world and this is called a service industry.

The service industry is the UK's main industry today and we import more goods than we export.

Supply and demand

If people want to sell things there must be other people who want to buy them.

The more people want something, the more demand there is and the more money can be charged for them.

However, if there are lots of people selling - or supplying - the same goods, and there are not many people who want those goods, then the demand will drop and the prices will be lower.

This is called supply and demand.

What is economic activity?

The word 'economy' describes how a country or place is doing in producing and making goods, and how much money it has. The amount a country sells and makes is called economic activity.

There are a wide range of goods that countries can sell, such as:

  • gold
  • silver
  • milk
  • fish

If a country has a lot of goods that are in high demand then it can become wealthier by selling them. Businesses employ more people and people have more money to spend.

This is known as a boom or an upturn.

However, if demand falls, then prices will too, making the country poorer. Businesses employ fewer people and people have less money to spend.

This is known as a slump, or a downturn.




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