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Week 2 - Tuesday (Eiger - Archives)

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Eiger - Tuesday


The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch: Armitage, Ronda ...

1. Answer the discussion questions to help remind us of the story. To discuss something means to talk about it.

  1. Why did Mr and Mrs Grinling have a wire which went from the cottage to the lighthouse?
  2. What plans did they have to stop the seagulls getting the food? What other plans could they have had?
  3. Do you think the seagulls will come back another day?

2. This is a story about solving a problem.

Think, pair, share: What was the problem that Mr and Mrs Grinling had to solve?

This table shows how the problem changed over time. 
Can you fill in how Mr and Mrs Grinling tried to solve the problem on Wednesday?

Monday Seagulls ate the lunch.
Tuesday Tied a napkin around the basket.

Writing and Grammar

Verbs are doing words. 
- They tell you what a character does, is or has. 
- They tell us if something is happening in the past, present or future (past tense verbs often end with -ed).
- Every sentence has a verb.

Write and finish the sentences using the verbs below:

  1. Daniel _________ in the race.
  2. Lily _________ for her exam.
  3. Jessica _________ her favourite book.
  4. The rabbit ______ away quickly when the car came past.
  5. The sun ________ brightly.
  6. Guinea pigs _______ fresh vegetables.
  7. Fish _________ in deep and shallow waters. 
ran danced read hopped shone eat swim


We are learning fractions! Fractions are parts of a whole. We can use numbers to show how many parts of a whole we have.

You can share some sweeties between your family members to help you work it out!

You can play this game to sort some objects into their fractions.


Click here to play Times Table Topple and practice your multiplication and division.

Special Task

Make some origami! Origami is the art of paper folding. They can be tricky, so make sure you pause the video and rewind it if you need to watch the step again. Ask your parents for help! Send me your pictures and I'll post them on next week's update page. Here are some videos you can try: