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Week 2 - Tuesday (Everest - Archives)

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Everest - Tuesday

Update from Shadowdale

 The four adventurers made their way towards Shadowdale to carry out the last command of the goddess Mystra. As unreliable as magic had been before  when the goddess was in the realms and not in outer planes tending to the Magical Weave. Trying to tap into the Weave now was downright dangerous with the death of its guardian. Midnight had tried to cast a simple light spell to aid them n their waling the previous evening, when five massive fireballs shot out of her hand and obliterated the countryside road they were walking down. The pendant she had carried all the way to Castle Kilgrave was once again around her neck, but this time it was not bonded to her skin as it had been previously. It was just simple necklace now, there was no sign of any of the power it had contained, no traces of the the blue-white lightning that would crackle over its surface whenever whenever she was getting ready to cast a spell. They were two days on the road and they finally entered the valley known as Shadow Gap. The light darkened and the quartet pusshed on. As night fell they could hear the sound of a crying from up ahead. "We need to investigate," announced Midnight. "We don't have time." Kelemvor seethed, "We need to push on and get out of this valley." Midnight looked at Kelemvor cooly, "You stay here if you wish, as there is no reward in it for you, but I am going to help out. What about you two?" She siad to Adon and Cyric. "Where you go we will follow," Adon declared. Kelemvor turned his back on them as they the other three rode on ahaead. Kelemvor could sense there was something wrong. His eyes scanning the distance, it wasn't until a couple of arrows whizzed by his head that he knew. "Great, and ambush! Midnight.......take cover!" Kelemvor yelled as he spun his horse around in time to see the bodies of bandits rise from the ground and surround his friends. 

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Watch the video clip above and using whatever you have at home (pens, pencils, crayons) try to draw a picture and colour it in. In the style of M.C. Escher. You are probably not familiar with his work so you will you may want to google him and see examples of his work.