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Forest - Tuesday


Follow this link to Oxford Owl and log in using these details:

Username: Forest Class

Password: Parents2020

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 Read 'The Ice Rink'

 Complete the two activities linked to the text.



Miss Cohen's, Emma's and Ms. Fullerton's groups - Learning special friends 'ou' we see this sound in words like 'shout' and 'proud'

Read Write inc 


Can you make your own sound book? After you have learned a new sound, write it in your book! Then see if you can draw some pictures with that sound and label its name.


Miss Fernando's group 

We have now learnt all the sounds required for Reception! We will now review and consolidate all the sounds we have learnt so far! Well done!


Have a go at reading and writing these sentences. After that, draw a picture to match each sentence. 

Mr Bude asked the children if they could put their glue sticks away.

A monkey threw a white cube down the slide.

That old house looks very spooky ad it might be haunted.

I think they have made your bike with thirteen gears.


This week we are reading a special type of book, a rhyming book! Rhymes are words that sound similar to each other when we say or hear them. Sometimes they are also written similarly. Rhymes often are pleasant to hear and sound like music when we say them.

Listen to the song below and spot the rhyming words!

Rhyme, Exercise and Freeze

Can you now have a go at writing some words that rhyme with these onsets? I have done a few examples for you.

     at            og          an

                hat                                        log                                     pan

Special Task

Sometimes we experience lots of different emotions. It's good to know how to help ourselves when we are struggling with our emotions.

Here's a story about how to manage our Feelings

Have a great day! Miss Cohen