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Fuji - Wednesday


This week, you read the first part of Chapter 1 of Journey to the River Sea. If you need to re-read some of the text or listen to the reading again, here is the text and the Youtube clip:

- Youtube clip - 


Journey to the River Sea

View document year_4/journey_to_the_river_sea_1.pdf


Character Profile

A character profile is a brief description of a character's life and personality. It can include things like:

  • Character's age
  • Their appearance (what they look like)
  • Their job or the year they are in at school
  • Mannerisms (something they always say or their habits)
  • What type of personality they have 
  • If they are the main character in the story or their relationship to the main character
  • Any main events they have experienced


Can you create a character profile for Maia, the main character in our story? 

Click on the template below. You may either: 

- Print the character profile, write on the page, then email me a photo of the work

- Draw your own character profile on a piece of paper and then email me a photo of the work or 

- Type on the digital document and email it to me.

Please send your work to 




Click on the link below to access the French page for Year 4


Fun Activity - Design your own INSTRUMENT

 Kids all over the world have been participating in the INSTRUMENT CHALLENGE. Can you use recycled materials from your home to create your own instrument? Watch the Youtube clip below for some inspiration. You can either follow the steps in the video OR create an entirely new instrument of your own.

Take a photo or video of your instrument and email it to me at