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Week 2 - Wednesday (Matterhorn - Archives)

 Reading and Writing

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch: Armitage, Ronda ...

Today we are going to begin planning our own version of the story! We will start with Boxing Up the changes we want to make.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

Your story

Seagulls ate Mr Grinling’s lunch.

Beginning – the problem

Someone has a problem.

Tied a napkin around the basket – but the seagulls pulled the napkin off.

Middle – the action

Idea 1: The first idea doesn’t work.

Put Hamish the cat in his basket as a guard – but Hamish felt sick. Idea 2: The second idea doesn’t work
Mrs Grinling found a lunch the seagulls don’t like. Idea 3: The third idea works.
The seagulls did not try to eat Mr Grinling’s lunch and he ate it himself.

End – what happens next?

The problem is solved.

Click here to download the document to type in your plans.


Verbs are doing words. 
- They tell you what a character does, is or has. 
- They tell us if something is happening in the past, present or future (past tense verbs often end with -ed).
- Every sentence has a verb.

Re-write the sentences and underline the verb.


This week we will be focusing on unit fractionA unit fraction is a fraction where the numerator (top number) is 1 and the denominator (bottom number) is the whole number. All these fractions are unit fractions:



Pratiquer le français (Practice French)

Special Task

Put on a puppet show using toys. You could perform it from behind your couch. What will your show be about? Is it going to be a comedy, mystery, drama or a scary show? Make sure you write a script or practice what your puppets will say. Please film your shows and send them to me so we can watch them on the Weekly Update! 
Here's some ideas: