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Sugarloaf - Wednesday

Wonder by R.J Palacio


Don’t judge a book by its cover

Because you’ll never get the full story! Lots of the characters that we meet in Wonder immediately judge Auggie because of how his face looks; as a result, they’re often mean to him or they just avoid him because they’ve already made up their minds about him. This is how a lot of bullying starts in life; when someone doesn’t bother getting to know someone for who they are, and instead, just makes a speedy, often incorrect judgment about them. It’s not very respectful and it’s certainly not kind. We should never judge anyone in life without taking the time to get to know who they are; before reading the whole story, so to speak. Respect someone enough to learn their story.

What do you think of the book covers of Wonder and We are all Wonders? 

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Create an alternative book cover for either the picture book or the chapter book that you think best represents the story. How will you catch a young readers eye and make them want to pick up the book? How will you represent the big ideas of the story? How will you represent the characters in the story? What will you focus on as being the authors message? ( If you can't find pencil crayons at home try a black and white themed cover!) 

On the back of your cover you will be writing a summary of the story in your own words. Remember the steps for writing a summary. 

Pull the important bits out of the story. 

Organise the story based on the order in the book. (Use your transitional language: first, then, next, after that, finally)

Use your own words to retell the story! Don't write down word for word what the book says. 

Keep it brief. Remember someone will just want to get the main idea of the book when reading your summary. 



Watch the videos below: 

What is a musical performance?


Sing along with Bang, Bang, Boom, Boom! After learning the composition given, challenge yourself to create your own! Can you make instruments out of items in your house? Can you incorporate more than one instrument? 

I would love to hear what you come up with!