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Eiger - Monday


Let's predict what our new story could be about. Predicting is when we use clues to guess what might happen next in the story.
Below is a picture from the story. We also don't know the title (the name of the story)!

I think the story is about...
I think this because I can see...


Can you write some descriptive sentences about this fruit? First think of some adjectives to describe the fruit. 

Here's some I thought of:


Then put them into sentences.

Here's some I wrote with my adjectives:

The bright, smooth fruit looked juicy. It's firm flesh smelled sweet.                                  Remember...


Practice the suffix -less.


Write the words with the suffix -less. Can you put them in a sentence?


We are learning fractions! Fractions are parts of a whole.

unit fraction is a fraction where the numerator (top number) is 1 and the denominator (bottom number) is the whole number.
non-unit fraction has a numerator greater than one. 

Special Task

Dye some old white fabric using food! 
Do you have any of these already at home? You can even do tie-dye!

Here's the recipe:

- Salt fixative for berry dyes (½ cup salt to 8 cups of water)
- Plant fixative for plant dyes (4 parts cold water to 1 part vinegar)

1) Soak fabric in fixative for an hour. 
2) Squeeze out excess water and rinse in cool water. 
3) Boil equal parts water and natural dye material of choice using the guide. Simmer for an hour. 
4) Place wet fabric in dye bath. 
5) Let soak overnight.

Send me your pictures !