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Sugarloaf - Monday

This week we are going to be continue with the text: One Plastic Bag written by Miranda Paul

In the book One Plastic Bag we see the effects of pollution and plastic on our environment. 

Read the the following excerpt from an article about the infamous rubbish dump in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. 

'The Smokey Mountain rubbish dump has provided a home to Jamie Amante since she was born 13 years ago.Each morning she wakes to the horrendous stench from the site: "I feel awful waking up to the smell rotting food, smoke, polluted air, charcoal, all mixed together." When she steps outside her family's shanty house, her feet sink into black mud, and flies swarm around the methane gas that bubbles from below.’

What do you visualise when you read that paragraph? 

What language in the text helped form these visualisations? Are there words you may need to look up the meaning of? 

Step 1:

Using the grid below organise the sensory language into where they would fit in best. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you smell? 

Step 2:

What other sensations that might be triggered by being in such an environment? Can you add them to your grid? 

Writing Task: 

Write your own descriptive paragraph of a setting that is filled with pollution. 

Modelled Example: 



As I step out my front door, I take a deep breath in. My breathe is cut short as I begin to cough. The once clean, crisp air now lingers with smog and pollution. The smell of gasoline and garbage waft past me as I begin my trek towards school. It is almost unbearable.... 


Success Criteria: 

I have double checked spelling and punctuation. 

I have used descriptive and sensory (feel, see, hear, smell) language in my writing. 

I have included new vocabulary in my writing. 



Can you include an emotion, (comma) sentence in your writing? 


We are going to take a look at relative clauses. 


Watch the video on BBC Bitesize at the link below: 

 Relative Clauses

Once you have watched the video complete the quiz at the bottom of the page.

Did you correctly identify the relative clause? 


Complete the task below. You can either copy each sentence of edit the PDF file. 

Once complete please send to me at:

View document relative_clause_worksheet.docx