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Everest - Thursday

Update from 'Shadowdale'

Midnight cried out in anguish as Helm made his way slowly back up towards the peak of the  celestial stairway. She could not believe what she had just witnessed. One god had slain another god, but not just any god, her own deity. The one she had worshipped since she was a young girl and discovered her aptitude for magic. She fell to her knees and looked at the place where the late goddess had last stood, still barely believeing  her eyes. As Helm reached the summit he turned to address the four mortals on the plains below. "Go forth, ye who have born witness to what has happened here today, and tell all that ye speak to, what has transpired here today. Let the news of Mystra's fate be brought back to the fallen gods as a lesson to them, that unless they return with the Tablets of Fate, their lives will be forfeit, just as the Lady of Mystery's was." With this proclamation, the clouds returned and covered the stern visage of Helm and the celestial stairway disappeared from everyone's sight. Then everything started to go even more wrong, very quickly. With the death of Mystra, the Weave of Magic that surrounded Toril convulsed, as if in anguish at the loss of its guardian. The ground beneath their feet started to rumble and shake and the adventurers found it difficult to maintain their balance. The sky around Castle Kilgrave darkend immediately, and a green rain fell, but this was no ordinary rain. Where it touched bare skin, it burned as if it were acidic. "We have to move, now!" exclaimed Kelemvor as he grabbed Midnight and hauled her along behind him. As they ran away from the castle and rumbling earth, pits and chasms opened up all around them, and some even in front og them, nd they had to take care where they set their feet. Out of the gaping maws emerge all manner of twisted and horrible creatures that had been transformed when Mystra had died. The quartet managed to return to the  campsite where they had been the previous night and managed to find shelter out of the burning rain and on relatively stable land. They hunkered down, and waited, in pained silence, for these treacherous environmental anomallies to pass.  


Descriptive Writing:

This writing task needs to be done over two weeks. Today I would like you to plan out your work. You are going to be describing the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Under the headings on the sheets provided, please come up with strong phrases and expressions that you could use to describe the atmosphere in the Olympic Stadium. Please type up your work and send it to me at the address below. For inspiration, please watch the short clip of the London 2012 opening ceremony. If you would like to see more, please go onto YouTube to have a look as there are plenty of more clips.

Any creative work that needs to be done can you please type it up in a word document and send it to me at 

If you were given the greater depth pack to work through then please click here for your task. 

The rest of the class, please click here for your task


For a bit of fun, why don't you try a bit of paper folding or origami as it is known in Japan. All you need is a regular sheet of A4 paper and to click here to go to the directions. I would love to see pictures of your attempts at this.