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Etna Class - Tuesday. 


Today I would like you to read aloud and then watch and listen to On the Ning Nang Nong, a nonsense poem by Spike Milligan.






 Some questions to answer - if you can note your ideas down and email them to me please.

Do you like or dislike this poem? Please give reasons for your answer. 

Look carefully at each verse, can you find examples of rhyme, can you hear the rhythm and clap it out?

How is repetition used in the poem?

Can you think of alternative noises for monkeys, trees and mice to make? 


 Maths - Revision of Time.

Please complete the 3 activities below - thank you everyone that has been able to email their work for our Wow Wall. 



Record your day.


Extra Activity: 

Try this workout. Get a member of your household to join you. I think we should do this every day this week. If it isn't challenging enough for you, why not  add some of you own moves or repeat the session until you really think you've got your heart rate up? 

Have a good day. Mrs Holdcroft.