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Sugarloaf - Tuesday

 Think of the setting created in the text. What description words come to mind? 

filthy, dirty, cluttered, hot, dry.... Create a list of words, how many new vocabulary words can you come up with? Use a thesaurus and dictionary as a tool while completing this task! 

Here is an example of a setting description that uses sensory language to help transport their reader to where the story is taking place. 

Modelled writing: 



Writing Task: 

Using your writing from yesterday as a guide, write a new setting paragraph for the book, "One Plastic Bag". How will you create an image of the setting in the readers mind? How will you describe what Isatou sees, hears, feels, smells and tastes? 


Success Criteria: 

I have used sensory language to describe the setting. (Feel, hear, touch, smell, taste)

I have related my writing to the text. 

I have used new vocabulary I found in my brainstorm. 


I can include a metaphor and a simile in my writing. 



Please share your writing with me! You can either send me a picture of your written work or you can type your response. Send to:


Sentence structure of the week: 


Can you write 3 of your own 2 pairs sentences? 



Today we are going to take a look at subtracting decimals. What do we remember from adding decimals last week? 

  1. Write down the numbers, one under the other, with the decimal points lined up.
  2. Put in zeros so the numbers have the same length (see below for why that is OK)
  3. Then add using column addition, remembering to put the decimal point in the answer. 

Warm up: Complete Flashback 4 in the video below. 




Extra Challenge: 

Word problems sometimes use tricky language.Use your tool of highlighting the known information in the question before you solve. 

  • Colin lived in Scotland and was going to take his caravan on holiday to France.  On the first day he travelled 472.87 miles to Portsmouth. He got a ferry which travelled 73.92 miles. He then got off the ferry and drove 134.56 miles to the camp site.

How far did Colin travel to the camp site?

He drove a scenic way home which added another 93.45miles to his journey. How far did he now travel?


  • Michael Schumacher can travel at 166.35 mph in his Ferrari. How far can he travel in 5 hours?


  • Joanna went to wash her car. She parked her car 56.84 metres from the tap. Her hose was 50.07 metres long. How much closer would she need to park her car so that the hose could reach it?


  • The temperature in the classroom was 21.8 °C. Claire left the door open and the temperature dropped by 3.7 °C. Rohan turned the radiators up and the classroom temperature rose by 5.7 °C. What was the temperature now?