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Everest - Wednesday

Update from 'Shadowdale'

 As the bandits loosed their arrows, Kelemvor dodged one and deflected another with his sword. Cyric rolled backward of his horse and as he did so produced two daggers that he kept in his boots and landed in a crouch, eyes darting around the ambush site trying to take the situation in at a glance. He could see it waasn't looking too good. He was being hard pressed by three bandits surrounding him, Midnight and Adon were fending off  from another couple of the wayfarers, from their mounts backs, and Kelemvor was being pinned down by a flurry of arrows that were whizzing over his head. Cyric slashed out at one of his assailants and opened a wound along his chest, he threw his secoond dagger which buried itself in the shoulder of another thief who dropped their weapon. Cyric heard the dull thud of a mace impacting with a skull and the unmistakable sound of a body falling to the ground. Midnight looked around sharply and saw that Kelemvor was pinned down, but not only that, there were more archers arriving, ready to engage the harried fighter. She really didn't want to do this but she felt she had no choice, she pulled a piece of sulfur and wax from her component pouch, went through the arcane hand movements for the spell casting and said the magic words for what she hoped would be a fireball. Unfortunately her luck wasn't to last. As she cast her components from her hand, instead of being hurled towards Kelemvor's assailants, they flew up into the air and then the unimaginable happened. The spell had obviously misfired and instead of casting a fireball, she had somehow managed to rip open the sky to a realm that was beyond her comprehension. Everyone stopped and stared, transfixed to the spot as an eye the size of the fissure itself appeared and glared down at them all. The bandits decided enough was enough and ran for escape. Not before a bolt of blackish-purple energy shot from the eye, hitting one of the bandits and they immediately turned to ash. Midnight looked on in horror at what she had done. She had cast that spell dozens of times, but now with the instability of magic in the realm, she may have doomed them all.


 Bonjour la classe! (Good morning class!)

I have prepared two worksheets for you this week.  This is because one of the topics is "Les couleurs" and I know it would be difficult for you to colour in objects on a word document.  However, it would be great if you could draw and colour in a picture of your pet(s) or imaginary pet(s) and label the colours in French.  Below are this week's worksheets (WB le 4 mai):

As-tu des freres et des soeurs?

As-tu un animal?

Extra! This week there is a Bank Holiday to celebrate "La Fete du Travail" (Labour Day, 1st May).  Read about this day, using the link below and complete the task.

La Fete du Travail

If you have access to the internet, you can watch the clips related to these worksheets by following the 5 steps on the French section of the school website.  If you have difficulty logging in, look at the PDF instructions.  Once again my email address is: and the password is: sfdfrench2020.

Look at the following clips:

Unit 8

As-tu des freres et des soeurs?

Unit 9

As-tu un animal?

Unit 10

Les couleurs


A bientot!

Mme Lue-Cooper


I think this will be somethig fun for you to try at home with your families. It is about making spinners and testing them out with different variabes such as type and thickness of paper, height and drop, the number of paper clips used (If you don't have paper clips, you could try something like cellotape to keep the paper together.


Please go to this website to see what you need to do. The full instructions including some videos are available for you to look at.


Please send me any pictures or observations you have made for this investigation.