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Year 1 French

Bonjour la classe! (Good morning class!)

I have prepared two worksheets for you this week.  This is because one of the topics is "Les couleurs" and I know it would be difficult for you to colour in objects in a word document.  If you would like to draw and colour in your pet(s) or imaginary pet(s), that would be great.  Below are this week's worksheets (WB le 4 mai):

As-tu des freres et des soeurs?

As-tu un animal?

If you have access to the internet, you can watch the clips related to these worksheets by following the 5 steps on the French section of the school website.  If you have difficulty logging in, look at the PDF instructions.  Once again my email is: and the password is: sfdfrench2020.

Look at the following clips:

Unit 8

As-tu des freres et des soeurs?

Unit 9

As-tu un animal?

Unit 10

Les couleurs



A bientot! 

Mme Lue-Cooper