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Etna - Monday


Reading - 

Today I would like you to read this extract from James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. Please email your answers with an illustration of this part of the story. 




Today we are revising homophones. This is words that sound the same, they are spelt differently and have different meanings. It is important to choose the right word for your sentence when writing. I would like you to watch this clip. 




Here is an example.


It didn't seem fair to the boy that he had to do all the washing up and the drying up too.

The bus driver asked the gentleman boarding the bus to tap his card in order to pay his bus .

Extra Activity: 


I know you've been keeping up with daily exercise as I've been sent some lovely examples. However I'd like to include more on our Wow Wall. Today create your own 15 minute exercise programme including star - jumps please.


Send me photographs of your  skills.