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Ben Nevis - Thursday


This week we are reading...



Writing Task

This weeks writing task is a tricky one! I would like you to have a go at writing a tasty poem of your own using the two tools we have learnt this week, alliteration and rhyme!

You can use the foods you found rhyming words for yesterday or think of some of your own.

Here is a reminder of the foods from yesterday's lesson:







Here is my poem:


Can you use the writing checklist to make sure I have used all the tools?

Writing Checklist

Have you used finger spaces?

Have you used the correct layout?

Have you used alliteration?

Have you used rhyming words?


Special Task and a message for the weekend

Dear Ben Nevis,

Well done for all your hard work this week! It has been lovely to see all your work and to speak to some of you too. I hope you are all staying safe and keeping busy, I know it is hard!

This week is a short week because on Friday we have a bank holiday which means that everyone has the day off work! This is because we are remembering a very special day called VE day. Here is a little video that will explain why this day is special. 

Why do we celebrate VE day? (Newsround)

VE day

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Holdaway 

Can you make a flip book animation? 

A flip book is a book with series of pictures that change a little bit page to page, which means that when you flip the pages quickly, the pictures appear to move like a cartoon!

Here are some examples:

Cool, easy and fun flip books


What you need:

Paper or post it/sticky notes



stapler, string, paper clips or any kind of clip to join the paper (however you can just hold it together with your finger and thumb if you don't have any of these items!) 


Here are some videos to help you:

Quick and Easy Flip book