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Blythe - Thursday


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 Read 'A Dog's Day' 

 Complete the two activities linked to the text.



Miss Cohen's, Emma's and Ms. Fullerton's groups - Learning 'r'

Mr Thorne

Now you have practised the sound, can you have a go at reading these words with Geraldine?

Geraldine's Flashcards


Miss Fernando's group - Learning special friends 'are'

Mr Thorne

Can you practise using the special friends 'are' to read these words?








Can you make your own sound book? After you have learned a new sound, write it in your book! Then see if you can draw some pictures with that sound and label its name.


Watch the Tricky words song.

Can you draw a picture and write a sentence about something you enjoy doing at home? Try using some of the tricky words!

Special Task

Victory in Europe Day 

The 8th of May is a special day in British history. 

On the 8th of May, 1945 victory in Europe was declared and this signalled the end of a horrible war. The war had gone on for 6 years and it made lots of people very sad and worried. Now that it was over, the people of Britain were so happy and everyone had a huge party! They made bunting, waved the British flag, baked cakes and danced in the streets! Every year we celebrate this date as VE Day.



  • You could join in the Great British Bunting activity. Make a VE Day bunting and hang it in your window. You can find ideas from the BBC here


  • You can go for a walk on Friday and look at the VE Day buntings in the windows of the houses that you walk past.
  • Hold a tea party with your toys to celebrate. They will need party hats and lots of bunting to decorate the bedroom!
  • Bake some delicious cakes and buns for your toys' tea party with your family.


I hope you enjoy celebrating VE Day with your family on Friday.

Enjoy your long weekend relaxing and playing with your family. You might even be able to call and speak to family member or friend that you haven't been able to see in a while. Remember to send your learning through to and I can share it on our Reception WOW Board.

Take care and have a lovely long weekend.

Miss Fernando