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Eiger - Tuesday


I wonder if our predictions were correct...
Here's our new story called The Papaya That Spoke.

Watch and read the story.

View document year_2_eiger/the_papaya_that_spoke.pdf

There are lots of exciting new words to learn in The Papaya That Spoke.

Write down some words you don't know and clarify what they mean. 
Clarifying means to use clues from the pictures and the text to help you work out what a word means.

Here's some I found:


Writing and Grammar

Look at the pictures below. Can you work out what is happening in these pictures?

Where are they?
Who are the people?
What can you see?
What does it look like?

Can you infer what is happening? Inferring means when you use clues in the picture to work out what is happening. Inferring helps you see beyond the obvious.
Describe what you see using interesting adjectives.


We are learning fractions! Fractions are parts of a whole. We can use numbers to show how many parts of a whole we have.

Equivalent means equal in value.
Equivalent fractions
 are fractions that equal the same amount. 

Let's look at the equivalent fractions 1/2 and 2/4.



Click here to play Times Table Topple and practice your multiplication and division.

Special Task

Today, I would like you to have a go at doing some yoga. Yoga and meditation are very good for helping you stay calm and help you think about what makes you happy. As we have done some meditation before in class, you can start by doing a meditation video and then have a go at some of the yoga videos.

Cosmic Kids yoga will teach you how to relax and use your body in different ways whilst also taking you on some great story adventures! There are lots of different videos to try so have a look at the different options and pick one that you think would be fun.

I have also posted a link that teaches you how to do the sun salutation which is a fantastic way to stretch and start your day!

Which video did you like the best? Why?

How did it make your mind feel?

How did it make your body feel?

Meditation and Mindfulness

Your Secret Treehouse meditation

Cosmic Kids Yoga 

Sun Salutation