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Sugarloaf - Wednesday 


Watch the video and complete the activity at the link below: 

What is a preposition?


Read the excerpt below, you can write down any prepositional phrase you spot. Answers are below. 

Writing Task: 

You can either type and email me a description or you can send me a picture of your work to: 


Answers to reading task: 


Year 5 French

*Check year 5 French tab for todays work.  

Drama activity: Charades!

Charades is a great drama activity you can play with a sibling/ family member or a group of members of your household. 

Write down a list of things that can be acted out. ( Ideas: ) Once you get a good list of words, playing the game is quite simple. Divide into teams to make it more competitive, or just take turns. One person picks a word or phrase (from those you just wrote down) to act out and the other players guess what they are acting.

As you can't speak, there are actions to mime that will give some clues. If the word or phrase is a book, put your hands together and unfold them like opening a book. To indicate a person, stand up with your hands on your hips. For a song, pretend to sing. For a movie, turn you hand in front of your face like operating an old-fashioned camera. For a TV show, draw a rectangle with your fingers. If it's a phrase hold up fingers to show the number of words. Put your finger and thumb close together to indicate a small word like "a" or "the;" move them far apart for a very long word. Touch you ear to indicate the word sounds like another, easier-to-act-out word.

Some examples of some easy charades to act out are:

  • Banana: the child can stand up and show it is a food by putting their hand towards their mouth. Next, they can pretend to peel down the sides of a banana then take an imaginary bite.

  • Swim: the child can use arm motions to mimic that of swimming strokes. They can also make a splashing motion to show water or waves.

  • Superman: the child can stand up with their hands on their hips to show it is a person. Then, they can put their hands out in front of them in a flying position. They can also make the letter "S" in the air or on their chest.

Have fun!