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Everest - Friday


English - Writing

Preparing and drafting a letter


Homophones and paragraphs are both important in letter writing as they help you make your meaning clear and break up the ideas in your writing.

Paragraphs are a collection of sentences. They are used in writing to introduce new sections of a story, characters, ideas or pieces of information.

Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. They also have different spellings like here and hear or see and sea.

Watch the video to recap your knowledge of homophones - these words can be tricky!


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Writing, editing and redrafting are all part of the writing process. Writing is a journey of change where mistakes mean you are on your way to a great piece of work!

Preparing (or planning) your writing is important because it helps you to build a clear picture of your piece in terms of:

  • its content (what you will write)
  • structure (how you will put your writing together)


Key features to check when preparing and redrafting

Collecting ideas

  • Have you gathered your ideas together? For example, if you were writing a thank you letter to our Healthcare Heroes, this could be all the reasons you are grateful to them.


  • Have you used the correct structure for the text type?
  • For example, a formal letter (like a thank you) has a strict structure.

Vocabulary and language

  • Check your language style, should it be formal or informal?
  • Have you made strong vocabulary choices? Are adjectives and figurative language (eg similes and metaphors) needed to illustrate your point?

Punctuation and spelling

  • Proofread - check for spelling mistakes and accurate punctuation.

Activity 1

Make a plan and draft your very own Healthcare Hero thank you letter.

Top tip!

Remember, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Making changes to your work is all part of the writing journey!

Activity 2

You can either print out this activity sheet or write your answers on a piece of paper.

Develop your planning and redrafting skills further by trying this fun activity. Can you fix and redraft these sentences?


The above tasks are quite invovled so I won't ask you to do any more today. That and the facr it is a Friday, and next week is, technically, the half-term break. I just want to say a massive thank you to those of you who send me work o a regular basis. It is amazing that you are so mature about your learning and that you are keen to do well. Have a great week off, enjoy this good weather if it still holds up and I'll, hopefully, talk to you all very soon.

Mr Flood