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Fuji - Monday



This week, will start reading Chapter 3 of our book Journey to the River Sea.


You can follow along with the text as the lady in the video (below it) reads the story aloud to you.

If you did not read the first part of Chapter 1, click here to open the text.

If you did not read the second part of Chapter 1click here to open the text.

If you did not read the first part of Chapter 2click here to open the text.

If you did not read the second part of Chapter 2 last weekclick here to open the text.


Journey to the River Sea

Read the first half of CHAPTER THREE and read up until the sentence "Hearing the familiar tune from so far away from home had comforted her, and almost at once she slept.."

(0:00-17:58 on the Youtube clip)


Journey to the River Sea

View document year_4/er_3_p1.pdf



Each week I have selected challenging, new words for you to complete a vocabulary study. This week, I would like you to select your own five new words and complete Word Maps for each.

Please only select words you did not already know before reading Journey to the River Sea. There should be plenty of them in this part of the book for you. 


Task: Can you complete a word mat for each of your five words? Click on the picture of the word map and you may either:

- print the word map and complete it using pen/pencil then take a photo of your work

- draw your own word map and take a photo of it or 

- complete it using your computer

Please email your work to me at 


Here is an example of a Word Map you can draw yourself (it doesn't need to look exactly like the templateI have given you)




Hands on Activity - Learn to Fold Clean Clothes Yourself

It is important to know how to correctly fold and put away your own clothes because, if you don't keep them neatly folded, they become crinkled and it will be difficult to find the clothes you are looking for. 


Watch the video below to learn how to fold clean clothes correctly.

Task: Fold some clean washing so that the clothes are neat and can be put away easily.

Try to keep the clothes flat and neat. They do not need to be your own clothes, they can belong to anyone in your house. 

It might be difficult to get it right if this is your first time but, don't worry, each time you practise you will get better and quicker at doing it yourself.

If you like, you can send me a video or photo of you folding clean washing at  I will post the photos in the new Independent Champions section of our Year 4 weekly page.




It is important to learn how to do things for yourself. This is called being INDEPENDENT. Learning to be more independent and do things for yourself helps you:

  • learn new things
  • build self-esteem and confidence
  • make good decisions
  • develop responsibility
  • feel important and like you belong
  • develop coordination