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Sugarloaf - Monday


Watch the entire story. 

Reflect on the last page of the story: 

Reading Comprehension

1) Make an inference about who the little boy may be. 


2) The story ends with the line, "One day it will be gone and my home will be beautiful. And one day.... It was".

What do you think the author's message is at the end of the story? 

3) Can you compare the environment from the beginning of the book to the end? 

4) How is colour used throughout the story? What effect does the illustrator create using colour choice? (Reflect on bright colours used in certain parts of the story and more dull in others). 


Writing Task

You will be writing a review for the story One Plastic Bag. Reflect on the following questions as you write. 

What did you enjoy about the story? 

What did you dislike about the story? 

What part stood out to you? 

Did you find the story inspiring? 

Can you make any connections to this story? (text to text, text to self, text to world) 

Were there any puzzles or patterns throughout the story? 

Would you recommend this story to anyone? Who and why?


Please send completed writing task to




We are going to take a look at coordinating conjunctions. 


Watch the video on BBC Bitesize at the link below:

Once you have watched the video complete the quiz at the bottom of the page.

What score out of 5 did you get? 



Lesson 6: Coordinating Conjunctions - High School Equivalency Exam Can you write a sentence for each coordinating conjunction? 


Once complete please send to me at: