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Sugarloaf Thursday 

Today we are going to look at 3 new poetic devices: 




An onomatopoeia is a word that actually looks like the sound it makes, and we can almost hear those sounds as we read. Examples of onomatopoeia: slam, splash, bam, babble, warble, gurgle, mumble. Lots of times you will see these in comic books!

 Examples of Onomatopoeia Poems



A personification is when you give an animal or object qualities or abilities that only a human can have. Examples of personification

  • Lightning danced across the sky.

  • The moon played hide and seek with the clouds.                   

  • The approaching car's headlights winked at me. 

    These Incredible Examples of Personification Will Soothe Your Soul ...



A hyperbole is used to exaggerate what you mean or emphasise a point. Examples of hyperbole

  • There’s enough food in the cupboard to feed an entire army!
  1. He’s running faster than the wind.
  2. This bag weighs a ton.

Simple and Famous Hyperbole Examples That are Easy to Understand ...


Can you write an example sentence for all three poetic devices? 






We are going to start a new text today. Can you guess what kind of text it may be? 

We will be reading a poem! It is called I Asked the River written by Valerie Bloom. 

We will look at the first section only today. 


The poem follows an A, B, C, B rhyme scheme. 

Can you find examples of the rhyme scheme in the poem? 

This poem is filled with personification. Example: 'I run,' the river said, 'because
I have some streams to meet.' The river is given human attributes. 

Can you find some examples of personification in the poem? 

Tone is when an author makes you feel a certain way while reading. Remember word choice is often used to create the tone. 

What tone has been created in the poem so far? What words stand out in the poem to create this tone? 

Who do you think is talking to the river? 

Have you spotted any patterns in this poem? If so, explain. 


Extra Task: 


It's important to keep our bodies moving during this time. Here are some fun exercise videos you can do at home.