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Etna Class - Tuesday. 


Today I would like you to read the first few pages of this extract (an extract is a part of a piece of writing)from the BFG by Roald Dahl.





 Today I would like you to think about the clues Roald Dahl gives us about each character in his writing.

What 3 adjectives would you choose to describe the BFG? What is it in the story that makes you choose these adjectives?

I would describe Sophie as a thoughtful and inquisitive child? Can you find evidence of this in the pages that you read today?

I think that this extract contains lots of humour? Do you agree, can you give me  reasons for your answer? Can you find 3 funny sentences or phrases?

 Maths - Fraction Revision

Use the link below to watch the short video clip.




Create a poster showing your knowledge of fractions. It could include equivalent fractions, a fraction wall or examples of fractions found in everyday life like pizza slices etc.