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Our book Journey to the River Sea talks a lot about the geography of South America. Geography is the study of the shape and features of the Earth's surface, including countries, vegetation, climates and how humans use the world's resources

Maia has now arrived at the Carters' house Tapherini.

Task: I would like you to explore the maps below and plot (draw) the path Maia travelled from her boarding school The Mayfair Academy for Young Ladies in London, England to the Carters' house in Manaus, Brazil. 

You might like to plot each of the separate transport routes in a different colour. Use the first map to plot part 1, the second map to plot part 2 and the third map to plot parts 3 and 4.


1. Maia and Miss Minton took a train from London Euston up to Liverpool.

2.  From Liverpool, they boarded a boat called the RMS Cardinal , travelled across the Atlantic Ocean and, after 4 weeks at sea, the boat arrived in Belem, Brazil.

3. From Belem, the boat then sailed down the Amazon River for two weeks until it arrived at Manaus.

4. Finally, Maia boards the Carters' boat and travels for an hour up the river Negro where she arrives at the Carters' house.


Map 1


Map 2



Map 3




 You may either:

  • print the maps and draw the routes on it then send me a photo of your work
  • draw a simple version of the maps and draw the routes on it then send me a photo of your work or
  • use a computer/phone/ipad to draw the routes using an app or photo editor and send the edited photo to me in an email 

    Please send your work to me at 


Maths - Length: Perimeter

Do you remember how to measure the perimeter of something? What is perimeter

Perimeter is a measurement of length and is the distance around the edge of a shape


You might find it easiest to calculate the perimeter by following these steps:

1.. Label the length of every side

2. Make sure that all of the lengths are measured using the same unit of measurement Eg. cm, m, km (If they are not already all the same, you will need to convert some to make sure they are).

3. Add all of the lengths together to find your perimeter.



The video below will refresh your memory  and help you answer the questions. 

Watch the video and then answer as many questions as you can. 



You may either:

- Print the questions and write on the page and then email me a photo of the work 

- Write each question number down on a piece of paper with the answer next to it and then email me a photo of the work or 

- Write an email with the answers to each question in the email.

Please send your work to 



Blue Work (Level 1)



Pink Work (Level 2)



Extra Challenges 

Some students have mentioned in their Friday feedback that they would like to do maths exercises more than once a week. Here are some extra activities you can choose to do on other days this week.

Blue Level 


Pink Level