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Snowdon - Wednesday


This week we are reading...


 10 Things I Can Do To Help My World


Today we will be focusing on vocabulary.

There are lots of new and tricky words in our book this week .

Listen to the story again and write down any words that you don't understand. It is really important that we find out what new words mean. We should always try to learn as many new words as possible!

Here are some  tricky words that I found while reading the book. 





air pollution



When you have written your list, find out the meaning of the words you don't understand. You can use a dictionary if you have one or use the internet. 

Here is a great online dictionary for children. It also has a new 'Word of the Day' which you could use to learn new words every day! 

Britannica Kids


When you have found the meaning of your new word, use the worksheet below to help you to use the word in different ways. 




French Practice

Here is a link to the French Practice page on our website. 

French Practice

Special Task

Today I would like you to learn a new skill that is helpful to everyone in your flat or house. Ask an adult what they would like you to help them with. It could be making the beds, tidying a room or perhaps preparing a meal. 

Send me photographs of your new skills.