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Comprehension Questions

Being able to comprehend a text means that you understand what is happening in the story and you understand the words you are reading.


Can you answer these questions about our text Journey to the River Sea using full sentences?

Remember, a full sentence means that you include part of the question in your answer.

Tip - Pretend the person reading your answer cannot see the question.


Eg. What is the name of the main character in Journey to the River Sea? 

The main character in Journey to the River Sea is Maia Fielding.


You may either:

- write the answers to each question down on a piece of paper and email me a photo of your work or

- type the answers to each question using your computer and email them to me

Please send your work to me at 



Youtube clip - (00:00 - 17:58 on the clip)


Journey to the River Sea

View document year_4/er_3_p1.pdf


Task: Answer as many of the comprehension questions as you can using full sentences. The questions get more difficult as you work your way through the list so just answer as many as you can.


1. Who was waiting to meet Maia on the Jetty after she travelled an hour up the river Negro?

2. What action did Maia do when she introduced herself to Mrs Carter?

3. The twins look very alike but Maia thinks she will be able to tell them apart. How does Beatrice look different to Gwendolyn?

4. After Maia shakes Gwendolyn's hand, the author writes, "Maia lingered for a moment, looking down at the palm of her outstretched hand. Then she shook her head, ashamed of her thoughts, and ran off after the others." What happened when Gwendolyn shook Maia's hand?

5. What is the Carters' opinion of the native Brazilians (the Indians)? How do you know? Do you think their opinion is fair? 
Hint: Look for the words Mr and Mrs Carter and the twins use to describe the native Brazilian food, markets, and staff that work at their home to help you answer.

6. Maia's first day living with the Carters has not turned out as she expected it. How do you think Maia is feeling at the end of her first day? How would you feel if you were Maia?



 Try to use the magic word because when you are answering questions 5 and 6 to expand and justify your answers. When you use the word because, it helps you to explain your answer better and use evidence from the text to prove it.




Reflection and Feedback

How are you feeling after your fifth full week of online learning? I hope you are enjoying it :)

Task: Write a few sentences (about one paragraph) OR record a video or voice recording reflecting on your learning this week. 

Information you might like to include:

  • What was your favourite activity and which activities did you enjoy this week?
  • What do you like about online learning?
  • What have you found challenging about online learning?
  • Which piece of work are you most proud of this week?
  • What could you do better next time?
  • What would you like to see more of next week?
  • Is there anything else you would like to learn about next week?
  • Is there anything else you would like to tell me?

You may either:

- write your feedback and reflection paragraph on a piece of paper and email me a photo of your work or

- type your feedback and reflection paragraph using your computer and email it to me

- record your feedback using any type of media you wish and email the file to me

Please send to me at 




Remember, next week is the half term break so there will be not be any new work uploaded to the class pages.

Have a wonderful break everyone!

Love Miss Hobbs :)