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Eiger - Thursday

Reading, Writing and Grammar


Yesterday we shared our own story of a memorable day with our special person. Today we're going to pretend to be the girl on her memorable day with her special person.

We're going to write from the point of view of the girl. Another word for point of view is perspective. To write from someone else's perspective means you have to pretend to be them.

Here's some questions to help you understand the girl's perspective of her day with her grandad:

What things did she see on her spring day with her grandad?
What does she do with her grandad?
How did she feel about him and spending time with him?

As the girl, write a personal memory about her day with her grandad. 
Think about being out on spring days as well as the girl’s feelings about her grandad.

Here's one I wrote:
Today was a beautiful, spring day. I looked up at the sky and saw a cluster of fluffy white clouds against a pale but bright blue backdrop. The flowers in the garden were made of a rainbow of colours, all different shapes and sizes. The spring weather made my day extra special because I got to spend it with my Grandad. The warmth of the sun makes me feel the way I feel when I'm with Grandad. Our laughter filled the air with joyous noise. Grandad always tells the best stories. We walked hand in hand through the garden and took time to talk to each other about important things. Grandad told me I'm getting too big to hold is hand. He said that everything grows in time, just like the flowers do in spring.

Edit your writing by...
Re-reading it!
Read your writing to check it makes sense.
Read your writing to check your punctuation is correct (that means capital letters and full stops!).

Making it more detailed!
Add some adjectives to make your writing more interesting for the reader.

Getting some feedback!
Read your writing aloud to a family member and see what they enjoyed about the writing and any ways in which it might be improved.

Publish your writing to finish the writing process.
You can use a special paper (perhaps coloured paper to match the illustration) to publish your piece of writing on. Make sure you write with neat, joined handwriting.

You might like to draw a picture to present it with too.


We are learning time! Time is used to measure or compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and even sequence events.

Special Task

Watch this story and think about the message the author is telling us.

What's the story about? 
Does it remind you of anything? 
What's the moral of the story? 
What is the author trying to tell us by making the characters different colours?

You can learn more about how the author mixed different colours for his characters by doing this activity. It's best to do it with paints, but you can use coloured pencils or pastels too!