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Blythe - Tuesday


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 The Toy's Party

 Complete the two activities linked to the text.



Miss Cohen's, Emma's and Ms. Fullerton's groups - Learning special friends 'ch'

Read Write inc 


Can you make your own sound book? After you have learned a new sound, write it in your book! Then see if you can draw some pictures with that sound and label its name.


Miss Fernando's group 

We have now learnt all the sounds required for Reception! We will now review and consolidate all the sounds we have learnt so far! Well done!


Can you now have a go at reading and writing these sentences down? After that, draw a picture to match each sentence. 

An elephant stomped on Philip's toes.

The crayons looked very new.

I'm going to make something out of clay today.

Oh, don't these clouds seem like puffs of smoke!


This week we are reading Rainbow Fish. In the story, Rainbow Fish gave a shiny scale to all its friends. Can you make a special card for one of your friends and say why they are such a special friend?

Use the sentence 'You are a good friend because'

I have done an example for you.

Special Task

Let's improve our fine motor skills! Try out this Rainbow Fish weaving activity!


1. Draw and cut out fish

2. Fold the fish in half  and cut from the fold a few times.

3. Cut colour long strips of paper

4. Open up the fish

5. Now weave the strips of paper in and out through the slits that you have cut

I look forward to seeing your photos of your special cards! I will share them on the WOW Board so you can have a try at making your friends houses next week.

Have a great day!                                                                            

Miss Fernando