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Sugarloaf - Tuesday

Read the poem below: 

Give and Take

Poem from All the Best by Roger McGough

I give you clean air

You give me poisonous gas.

I give you mountains

You give me quarries.


I give you pure snow

You give me acid rain.

I give you spring fountains

You give me toxic canals.


I give you a butterfly

You gave me a plastic bottle.

I give you a blackbird

You gave me a stealth bomber.


I give you abundance

You give me waste.

I give you one last chance

You give me excuse after excuse.


Find the meaning for the following vocabulary: 

Remember to use a dictionary. Challenge: Use each word in your own sentence. 







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Sentence structure of the week: 


Can you write 3 of your own Noun, which/where/who sentences? 



Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers



Watch the video below: 


There are mild and spicy questions below. Choose whichever level you feel comfortable working on today. 





Extra Challenge: 

This is an extra spicy challenge question: it is optional!