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Read from page 9- 11 of How to Live Like an Egyptian Mummy Maker 

As your reading keep an eye out for new vocabulary you may want to add to your glossary!


The two pages you have read have laid out the life style of ancient Egyptians. How is there lifestyle different to yours? (Think about the way you get around, what school is like for you and everyday tools of a student.)

Complete the Venn Diagram below. Remember differences go inside the larger circles and similarities go in the overlapping oval. 


Life of a Student 

                                                                  Today                                                        Ancient Egypt   

Venn Diagram Maker | Lucidchart 

You can either type and email me your work or you can send me a picture to: 


You will be completing a diary entry as a student during Ancient Egyptian times and you will be reflecting on a day at school. What could your day look like? Think about how you will be getting to school. Think about what kind of activities you may be working on at school. How will you write? Be as creative as you would like. 


After you have written your entry complete the following steps.

1) Check your work with the success criteria below.

2) There is room for someone at home to check it over as well. 

3) I would also like you to write down what you think you did well and how you could improve your writing next time. 


Year 5 French

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