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Sugarloaf - Monday

Non-Fiction Texts: 

Our new text will be How to Live like an Egyptian Mummy Maker. This is a non-fiction text that will be available through Epic! Reading. I have already assigned the book to you all on there. If you have any trouble finding it please let me know. 



Before you read the text, reflect on the questions below. 

 TASK #2

 1) Watch the video below:


2) Take a quick book walk through the pages of our new text HERE. Don't worry about reading through the whole text. 

Teaching NonFiction Text Features the FUN way! {with a Freebie ... 

Create a table (or use the one above) to identify the non-fiction text features in the book. Make sure to jot down which page each was found on! 

Can you identify any that are not on this list? 

Happy hunting!


We are going to take a look at fronted adverbials.  



Click the link here to watch a quick video to help you out if you need a refresher on fronted adverbials! 

Complete the activity below: 

View document fronted_adverbials_.pdf


Once complete please send to me at:


Maths Challenge: