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Sugarloaf - Tuesday


Before we begin our new text we are going to reflect on things we may already know about Ancient Egypt. Fill out the KWL chart below. (Remember only fill out the first two columns!)

What do I know? and What do I want to find out? the last column will be filled out at the end of the unit. 



Log on to Epic! Reading and search How to Live Like an Egyptian Mummy Maker. You can also click HERE.  

Turn to Page 5- Mighty Pharaohs and read through the text. 

Find the meaning of the new vocabulary below: 





We will be creating our own dictionary or glossary to keep track of all the new vocabulary we learn during this unit. You can choose how you would like to do this it could be typed in a google doc, made into a booklet using paper, or even just recorded on a sheet. You can choose!

Respond to the questions below. Make sure to use full sentences! 

Can you identify the non-fiction text features on this page?  

Who is the current Pharaoh in the text? 

Who were the Ancient Egyptians? 

Who was it that became the first Pharaoh? How did he do so?

Please share your work with me! You can either send me a picture of your written work or you can type your response. Send to:


Sentence structure of the week: 


Can you write 5 of your own last word, first word (yoked) sentences? 


Use one of the new vocabulary words in your sentences. 



Multiply mixed numbers by integers

Watch the video below: 


There are mild and spicy questions below. Choose whichever level you feel comfortable working on today. 






Extra Challenge: 

This is an extra spicy challenge question: it is optional!